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Street name information: 1884 to 1911
Todays Main St. was called "Main Cross" and today's Perry St. was called Main St. The change was made in 1911. At one time there was a First St.

The first brick was laid in Ottawa streets on May 23, 1898 in Walnut St.
East 3rd Street and South Walnut Street south of Second Street are still original brick paved sections.
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A 2023 satellite View, South Walnut Street
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Where Perry Street used to cross the Blanchard River.
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The first BRICK BUILDING business block was built in 1862 by John Neill. It was sold to J. P. Simon in 1868. Addresses 217,221,225.
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In 1884 the West Main Cross (future Main St.) bridge was a covered bridge. By 1900 it was replaced with a steel bridge. 1. Main St. bridge 2. Perry St. bridge (Bridge was there in 1931. No date when it closed.) 3. Ohio Electric Railway bridge, (new Rt. 65) 4. C. H. & D. (B & O) Railroad bridge 5. Oak St. bridge (old Rt. 65), 6. East side of town, D T & I Railroad bridge These bridges were the only Ottawa access to west and south of the Blanchard River prior to the completion of the new Rt. 65 (Elm St.) See maps below. First pic Main St. Perry St. Electric Railway CH&D Rail Old Rt. 65. Second pic DT&I Rail
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 The information is from the earliest known records
 to the year 1976. 2019 information has been added.
 Some of The occupant information was taken from the
 publication "Liberty Trail 1976". It was written and
 researched  in 1976 by Mary L. Sheeley. 
 When observing history, one must always caution one's
 self to pay attention to detail!
 Special Note: Thanks to the many people who have posted
 pictures of Ottawa and their family members on-line. Due
 to their efforts, history lives on for others to see.

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