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 Ottawa Main Street & Second Street Historically Important Places.
The information is from the earliest known records to the year 1976. 2019 information has been added. Special Note: Thanks to the many people who have posted pictures of Ottawa and their family members on-line. Due to their efforts, history lives on for others to see. A special thanks to all for providing information to aid my effort.

When observing history, one must always caution one's self to pay attention to detail!

 The occupant information was taken from the
 "Liberty Trail 1976". It was written and researched
 in 1976 by Mary L. Sheeley. Be sure to read Mary
 Sheeley's 1976 Ottawa History (2 pages) Links below
Mary Sheeley - 1976 Ottawa History Page 1 and 2 Click here to view
****** "IMPORTANT" ******
Anyone with early photos of the original addresses or anything earlier than 1976 please use the "Comments or Information:"area near the bottom of this page.

* Ottawa Main St. North Side *
(East End) Corner of East Main and Pratt to 103
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(West End) 102 - 834 Click here to view

* Ottawa Main St. South Side *
(East End) 1136 - 102
Click here to view
(West End) 101 - 867 Click here to view

* Ottawa Second St. *
(North Side) 605, 617, 712, 941 Click here to view
(South Side) 153 W. Second St. & Railroad, 201 W. Second St. & Oak St., 638, 720, 812, 1136, 1206 Click here to view

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1913 & 1959 Flood Pictures Click here to view
Early Ottawa Photographs Click here to view
FAIRGROUND PICTURES 1900 - 1950 Click here to view

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